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Tuhma Birthday Bash

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finnland 
Datum / Date09.05.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picturegalerie spec_tuhma_gal 
Photos: Kathleen Gransalke, Sabine Koch 

Tuhma celebrates its birthday and everyone´s invited, but who the hell is Tuhma? Tuhma is the name of a Finnish company that mostly deals with promotion but also acts as a record label and so the only two bands that are currently signed to Tuhma Records, Defuse and Mind of Doll, of course also made their appearance at this 5th anniversary party. But Tuhma also means bad, rude, naughty and if that´s supposed to be the theme of the party than we can surely expect a lot. We didn´t have to wait long and the hostess of the evening appeared on stage dressed in a red PVC outfit which she, at the end of the party, stripped off lasciviously. Bad, bad girl!

But first the Barbe-Q-Barbies entered the stage to convince the attending guests of their naughtiness. And they really had some solid arguments especially in the form of skin-tight hot pants. But also musically the all-girl-group showed what they got and especially singer Niki emerged as a real rock singer despite her petit figure and her, er, Barbie looks. Ones to watch! (KG)

Second band of the Tuhma-birthday party was Sonic Roots . In the announcement the name Type O Negative was mentioned several times, of course the expectations rose. Some similarities can not be denied, singer Henry Lee Roots, dark, in a long black leather coat, a black feather in his hair and sunglasses on, reminded a lot of a younger version of Jyrki69 including the posing. Their dark influenced rock´n´roll can be put to the same category as Type O Negative or 69 Eyes and there is not much bad to say about the music. But in general I am missing confidence and quality of the voice. Singer Henry Lee Roots is too tense; thus he comes across as arrogant and annoyed. Probably it´s supposed to be part of the show but it just isn´t authentic. Anyway, to show this kind of snotty attitude also the rest, especially the voice, must fit. Although he really tried his best to motivate the people he wasn´t really successful. He definitely can not reach the charisma and the voice of Peter Steele by far. (SK)

The first half of the evening was then concluded by Defuse with their singer and full-time Tuhma employee Jani Hyvärinen who, in a very cunning way, used this opportunity to promote the new album of his band, which will presumably be released some time in summer on Tuhma Records. If the gig was anything to go by then the album will feature dirty, snotty party rock or “blasting attitude rock”, as the band itself puts it, for shouting along. Some attempts to encourage the people to do exactly that, succeeded only partly; by and large the reactions from the crowd were rather restrained. Maybe one could also consider the use of hot pants (see Barbe-Q-Barbies) here, if nothing else works… (KG)

Finally, for Mind of Doll it was getting a bit crowded in front of the stage and the guys immediately started off with full energy. After a while this woke up the crowd, the people honoured the great show and finally the party got going. Very enjoyable was that singer Visa Heinonen manages to do that without over-posing but with just a sympathetic attitude and stage-presence, great music and his voice. Everything like it should be, if the music and the show are in line then the party mood comes on its own. The energetic “good, old” rock´n´roll of Mind of Doll definitely gets one into party mood easily and that´s why they are, without a question, a great live-band. (SK)

The gig of The Heartburns was in first instance short, very short, maybe because the program was anyway already far behind the schedule. Their music, fast and brutal punk, made them stand out completely from the rest of the program, which was generally more rock´n´roll orientated. The Heartburns play classic punk in the style of The Ramones. Singer Seemu blustered over the stage as if there is no tomorrow, not slowing down one second. This way they even get a few attending punks to start a small moshpit. But as said before after a very short while the spectacle was over. (SK)

Also the last performers of the evening Turmion Kätilöt and their fans were then shining with their naughty outfits. PVC, leather, straps, corsets, face paint as far as the eye could see. But if one, however, looks passed all this then, musically seen, there is not so much left – dumb industrial beats with even more dumb lyrics a la “Lihava sika” [fat pig]. But maybe this kind of music was just exactly what the quite young crowd, which celebrated the guys from Kuopio enthusiastically, were longing for. Well, Scooter for gothic kids, anyone?

And that´s how the birthday party ended for the paying guests and all that is left to do is to wish “all the best” for the next 5 years! (KG)


Kathleen Gransalke, Sabine Koch

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