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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Suomi Darkness: Turmion Kätilöt / Kinetik Control / Beati Mortui / Silent Scream / Cold Cold Ground / Black Light Discipline / Hellcity Punks Berlin
For the first time in Berlin, for the first time at K17 Club – and well, surely I lack the experience to compare with other clubs in town, but for me this location ranks among the top on my personal “coolest locations” list. Beer garden with campfire, Curry-sausage (YUM!), chill-out clubrooms near the concert hall, friendly crew ... more/mehr


Survivior Zero/ Deathchain/ Sotajumala Helsinki
This night belongs to Finnish Deathmetal that could not be better. The label Cobra Records sent three of their bands on a Finland tour, and we went to Tavastia to check them out.

Although Sotajumala have the longest band history and probably most of the success of allt he bands that night, they go ... more/mehr


Swallow The Sun + Antimatter + The Foreshadowing Hamburg
The morning never came - and the darkness descended over Europe... because they have the sun swallowed up in the dark Finland: [Doom Prog Death] Metal band SWALLOW THE SUN started ten years after their sensational debut album "The Morning Never Came" on an Anniversary Tour with eleven shows through Europe and also to HAMBURG. ... more/mehr


Swallow The Sun / Silentium Helsinki
The first Swallow The Sun Gig in Helsinki for the new album "Plague Of Butterflies" - that raises a question: Will they indeed play the WHOLE album? Because what you find there is basically only ONE 35 min song, in 3 parts (1. Losing the Sunsets, 2. Plague of Butterflies, 3. Evael)...

first it was the turn of Silentium ... more/mehr


Swallow The Sun / The Man-Eating Tree / Iconcrash Helsinki
Three weeks after the Finnish Metal Expo I was able to see Swallow The Sun again in Helsinki, which continued their “Emerald Forest and the Blackbird” tour in Nosturi. They were supported by The Man-Eating Tree, who are currently with their second album “Harvest” on the go.

However, the evening started with Iconcrash ... more/mehr



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