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Poets of the Fall

Titel / Title Live in Moscow 
Label insomniac music 
Web www.poetsofthefall.com
Total run time
1:32: 21 (Konzert) + 1:28:35 (special features) 
Vö/ReleaseSept 13, 2013 

For years fans had been asking for a DVD and for just as long Poets of the Fall, who are still an independent band, had not made one for financial reasons. In the 10th year of their existence they decided to try crowd funding - lo and behold: the fans were eager to participate and they gave plenty. When it ended the campaign had not only been funded, but reached almost 300% of the original goal.

Therefore, I am almost inclined to say something like “the most surprising part about this DVD is its existence”, but that would not do it justice at all. As if the motto had been “Great things come to the ones who wait”, everyone involved gave all they had and made a DVD, on which you can feel all the love, enthusiasm and hard work that went into making it. It deserves nothing less than being called great. Yes, it was worth the wait!

It was packed the Arena in Moscow that holds 5000 people and all those who might have wondered, why Poets of the Fall chose to film their DVD there and not in Finland, will know the answer when they hear the deafening roar of the crowd at the beginning of the show. The concert was unbelievable and should the band have been nervous they did not show it. I was lucky enough to be there and can attest that it was just as intoxicating as it looks like on this DVD. Selection of songs, performance, sound, lights – everything was perfect and it was palpable that everyone in band and crew did everything to make this evening special and conserve that for the future.

If I recall correctly there were seven cameras in the house that night, trying to capture the magic of Poets of the Fall on film. Neverending energy, enthusiasm, pure joy in playing, interactions with the audience and these moments in which the band members just get lost in the music and become one with their instruments – to show all this can’t have been an easy task, but it was done brilliantly. Kudos go not only to the filming crew, but also to the editing.

I do admit that it is a bit strange not to be able to choose who I want to watch, but camera and cut do not give me the feeling that I am missing anything, but offer new perspectives instead. Anything from tracking shots above the audience to close ups can be seen. What I personally like is the fact that the camera isn’t glued to vocalist Marko all the time, but shows the other band members as well. And, as opposed to a live concert where I’m sure to have missed a few good moments, I can just stop the DVD and press the back button - “rewind, I wanna go it again!” For all those who have seen Poets of the Fall live before, this is the opportunity to relive these concerts. For all those who have not been so lucky, this is he next best thing. In my opinion there is no better way to make a live DVD.

The specials? Why of course there are specials. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, so I won’t say too much. There is the tour documentary “Every Shade Of Grey” and the hour long interview “Deeper Than Skin”. Both are Finnish with English subtitles.

The documentary is black and white and shows entertaining insights into the daily life on the road – on the bus, backstage and on stage. “Deeper than Skin” is a gem, more of a conversation among the band members than your classic q-and-a interview. The viewers get an in-depth look at the chemistry of the band and why it functions so well. It’s nice that especially those band members that usually do not take part in interviews get a chance to talk here. It’s a great gift to the fans that Poets of the Fall took the time for such an in-depth interview between touring, DVD production and recording their next album.
There is a photo gallery as well and that’s the only part of the DVD that left me a little disappointed, but I will file that under “quality is better than quantity” and not judge the DVD based on this.

All in all a well done DVD. Highly recommended!

1. Intro
2. Delicious
3. Locking Up the Sun
4. Kamikaze Love
5. The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper
6. Given and Denied
7. Don't Mess with Me
8. Temple of Thought
9. Everything Fades
10. Cradled in Love
11. Stay
12. Running Out of Time
13. Illusion & Dream
14. Diamonds for Tears
15. Late Goodbye
16. Sleep
17. Dreaming Wide Awake
18. Carnival of Rust
19. Lift
20. The Happy Song
21. Credits

Stefanie Oepen

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