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Titel / Title Voliminal: Inside the nine 
Label Roadrunner 
Web www.slipknot1.com
Total run time
DVD1: 90 min. DVD2: ? 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

Before we begin I guess it´s only fair to admit I´ve never been much of a fan of Slipknot, and this DVD is definitely for true fans only.

The first DVD in this set is a 90 min. long artsy fartsy psychelic road movie, with material shot during the bands two year world tour after the Vol.3 album. The man credited for directing this piece of shit is no other than M. Shawn Crahan, a.k.a. Clown or no.6. The back-cover promises an “inside and outside look at two years of the chaos that is Slipknot.” Well, chaos it is! There´s no storyline or plot. Just an one and a half hour long mish mash of footage shot with a handycam and then turned in to “art” in the cutting studio. With “art” I mean annoying fast cuts and silly wannabe psychedelic color effects. The camera never stays at one place for over a minute, and in between are short shots of what ever has been caught on tape: insects, dogs, pigeons, groupies, someone plumbing the toilet… And none of it makes any sense! Other than that it´s mostly backstage nonsense. But the most annoying part is the on stage footage, which too is shot with just one handycam and also the sound is recorded with just the cameras microphone. “Luckily” these live bits are as short as everything else in the movie!

The second disc is more like a traditional music DVD with 5 videos, of which one is live, and interviews with all the band members (although sampler/keyboarist Craig “133” Jones stays in character and refuses to answer the only question he is asked: “How many people are buried in your backyard?”) There´s also nine bonus live songs on the DVD, although I´ve never understood why stuff like this is called “bonus”. Is there a version of this out there without these songs? Otherwise, why the hell do you call them “bonus”? The interviews are probably the most interesting part of this DVD. The guys are all interviewed separately and although it´s mostly the same old “we all live for the music” and “our fans are the best and most dedicate fans in the world” gibberish, it´s a nice and relaxed contrast to the rest of the DVD and the band in general. Unfortunately none of the guys are willing to comment the other members, because “that would only get me in trouble”, so what we get is the traditional “we´re like family” band talk. Also, for those few interested out there who are yet to see Slipknot without their masks on, this presents a possibility for that (even 133 isn´t wearing his mask but his face is left out of focus)… and to see “pointy nose” Chriss Fehn playing golf.

Unless you´re a true hard core fan of Slipknot there´s no reason to buy this. In fact there´s no real reason to even watch this! The “movie” is just utter shite and paying the price of a 2 DVD digipack for a few old videos and short interviews that might as well have been extras on the next album doesn´t make any sense, even if you get the “bonus” live songs. What a con!

Sami Iivonen

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