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Theatre Of Tragedy | Pain | Sirenia

Stadt / City Andernach 
Land / Country Germany 
Web www.theatreoftragedy.com
JUZ Live-Club 
Datum / Date28 Dec 2004 

To see an Industrial- and Gothic-Metal-Evening, a lot of fans of this genre travelled even through the wet cold weather and the winter road conditions to the JUZ Live Club in Andernach.

This evening SIRENIA from Norway took over the disliked part of the opener. Maybe the winter weather had an effect on the audience and they seemed to be a little stiff with the cold. The charismatic front man Morten Veland, who formed SIRENIA in 2001, after his not very lovely leaving from his countrymen at TRISTANIA, got the fans quite fast under control. Or is it after all his charming vocalist Henriette Borvik, who melted the audience with her warm and clear voice and the ultra-tight corsage with a leather bra? Some headbangers supported the band latest during the second song; but no one could compare himself with Henriette in propeller-headbanging. Drummer Jonathan Perez who’s also playing at TRAIL OF TEARS was unfortunately prevented from being on tour, but Roland Navratil from EDENBRIDGE replaced him with dignity. And he managed with his progressive style of drumming to refine the gloomy songs. This dark atmosphere was certainly supported by the numerous samples that were used. So we heard keyboards, chorus and a few vocal lines from tape. Astonishing that a band gets along completely without a bass player. Roughly after half an hour it was as far as done. Morten announces with „Meridian“ from the debut album „At Six And Sevens“ the last song of the set. Unfortunately a little too short playtime, but for a support this is not unusual.

After a short reconstruction phase, there came PAIN from Sweden, the 2nd Scandinavian act. Peter Tägtgren realized his solo-project with this formation as being front man and guitarist. He is also the mastermind, singer and guitarist of HYPOCRISY as well as producing several bands and last but not least, to be the live guitarist of MARDUK justifies his standing as a workaholic.
On stage Peter was supported, for the pleasure of the mostly male audience, by a female guitarist and bass player. While SIRENIA played, the crowd was quite reserved at the sight of Henrietta, but now here and there fainthearted „Take-your-clothes-off-calls“ were heard. Musically PAIN started with „Supersonic Bitch“. As well as SERENIA before this band doesn’t need a keyboard, the sytheziser parts are from tape. However the live-guitars, especially Peter Tägtgrens, stay in front and that is good. Ultra heavy industrial-riffs bang around the, in the meantime very agile, listeners head. Thereby the band presented the audience already songs like „Same old song“ and „Tear it up“ which will be released as a single in spring 2005, respectively the album that comes out in autumn 2005. From the self-titled debut album we „only“ heard „Greed“. The centre of gravity on the play list was on the 2002 release „Nothing remains the same“. At the sixth song of the set it came to the zenith of the PAIN gig. Playing the cover version of the BEATLES „Eleanor Rigby“, Peter changed the lyrics from „... all the lonely people. „ to „... all the horny people ... „. The crowd possibly felt responded and started to sing along loud! Now we experienced an audience, like we won’t the whole following evening, no leg stood still, no arm kept its position. Peter's female band members have also had their obvious fun and made a good show. They changed from one side of the stage to the other to be present all the time and everywhere. Why the bass player was using a 6 -(six!) string instead of the ordinary four-string-bass, remains unsure. In the end the unknown beauty uses one, sometimes two strings of the bass. After „Shut Your Mouth“ a gig faded out which pleased not only industrial fans.

To see THEATRE OF TRAGEDY from Norway, the most fans of Gothic Metal did come. Already at the opener „Machine“ the new singer Nell convinced. Compared to the former singer Liv Kristine Espenæs, she has a much more impressionable voice. The combination of her clear vocals and deep growls from singer Raymond I. Rohonniy, especially at older songs, are nearly perfect and harmonic. The voice duo realizes excellent the dark, romantic atmosphere of the album „Velvet Darkness They Fear“. This harmony is supported perfect by the heavy guitar-riffs of Frank Claussen and Vegard K. Thorsen. THEATRE OF TRAGEDY disclaim of a bass player, since Eirik T. Saltro left, at all. But that doesn’t bother at all, because Lorentz Aspen on the keyboard uses well-done deep tones as well. The songs „Fade“ and „Storm“ and also „Starlit“ from the album before the last „Assembly“, which was in the opposite to the older ones more electronic and mainstream, would be presented. Without playing one song of their debut album, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY left after about 75 mins stage. The demanded encore by the fans was followed short time later with „Toom“ and the – being an absolutely scene hit – song „A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal“ from the debut album „Theatre of Tragedy“.

Michael Kümmet & Dietmar Schäfer

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