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Scene D` Chryme at KISS Expo 2011 Helsinki
It`s just three weeks ago that Scene D` Chryme caught my eye and I thought: "Wow, these guys really rock!" Obviously, I`m not the only one with that opinion, as the organisers of the "KISS Expo 2011" chose the very same quintet as the opening act for Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick and John Corabi and the KISS Forever Band. But before ... more/mehr


Schandmaul / Burn Münster
A quite ill-omened concert: Originally it should have taken place two months earlier, but it was re-scheduled due to vocalist Thomas´ laryngitis (plus 5 concerts more). Now it takes place on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday evening, but, again, the crew is not quite fit: violinist Anna is replaced by Tobias of Fidder`s Green because ... more/mehr


Schandmaul I Regicide Hamburg
When at early evening, 19.00 h sharp, the doors of Große Freiheit opened, a huge crowd was already there waiting to be let in. You might expect to see a mainly medieval-styled audience with a band like „Schandmaul“, but you were wrong: from black clothes, Gothic Girls and Metalheads to medieval brides and guys in suits, witches and ... more/mehr


Sepultura | Destruction | Exodus | Heathen | Mortal Sin - Thrash Fest Classics Hamburg
This time round the stars were not properly aligned for us. We set off to Hamburg´s Markthalle two hours before the show as we were going to do an interview with Sepultura; as it turned out, the logistics didn´t work out that well and we ended up waiting for the interview until Heathen played, effectively missing the first performers ... more/mehr


Serenity / Beyond The Bridge / Midriff Dortmund
In front of a relatively small audience, but with lots of energy and fun, Serenity rocked the FZW in Dortmund. They were supported by Beyond the Bridge and Midriff who gave all they had as well. The fans thanked them enthusiastically.

More photos in the gallery, link in top section!
Rockers Midriff ... more/mehr



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