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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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W.A.S.P / Alpha Tiger / Dark at Dawn Pratteln
Snow chaos in Switzerland – perfect timing, because it is now when many great bands are on tour. In the afternoon there is so much snow already that the trip to Pratteln becomes a real adventure. This might be the reason that the attendance does not quite meet the expectations, still there are about 900-1000 fans at Z7 who dared ... more/mehr


W.A.S.P. / 69 Chambers / Grey Monday Luzern
There´s no better reason to visit Lucerne than seeing W.A.S.P. The occasion also calls for a boat trip on Vierwaltstätter Lake, and during a sightseeing tour we even meet Mr. Lawless, after that it´s time to visit Schüür, a club yet unknown to me. The name means "barn", and this is what it looks like from the outside. At the entrance ... more/mehr


Waltari Hamburg
From the first note to the last, Waltari delivered a non-stop high energy show that had the crowd dancing and jumping till the end and screaming for more.

On the playlist was a bit of everything from their catalogue and of course, they introduced new tracks from their cd “Blood Sample” which is already released ... more/mehr


Wankers of the Zoo Crew / Mojo Waves / The Compass Schedule Helsinki
Never heard 2/3 of tonight´s line-up, but Semifinal has always had positive surprises, and also this evening should not be an exception.

Whereas big sister club Tavastia had to put the sold-out sign outside because of Michael Monroe & Support, the scene at Semifinal was much more – err, intimate. One of the reasons might ... more/mehr


Wednesday 13 / Suicide Love Boat Helsinki
Oh what a reception in Helsinki, with rain and snow – a change to the worse compared with Swiss home country: +10 degrees and bright sunshine. But even though the weather is bad here, the gigs are so much better than at home, or more precisely, you get to see a lot of acts who hardly ever play in Switzerland. And neither the sleet ... more/mehr



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