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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Navel / Gloria Palace Frankfurt
A fresh breeze from Switzerland can be felt in the smog of Frankfurt. NAVEL are in Town and intend to light up the local night life, as headliner after many festival gigs, long tours and shows with Wolfmother, Turbonegro, Eagles of Death Metal, Sonic Youth, Queens Of The Stone Age until August, The recent debut CD ‚Frozen Souls‘ ... more/mehr


Neckbreakers Ball Tour 2009 Saarbrücken
Kindergarten?! - well, this was at least the first thing, that might´ve come to your mind, when having a look at the time at which the gig was supposed to start. 17:30, 4 bands, you can´t be serious, no?! Luckily, this was only the entrance time and no band entered stage before 18:30. Still, to early for a package of four bands. ... more/mehr


Negative / Hellcity Punks / The Liar Helsinki
Gloria opened its doors this Friday evening for The Liar, Hellcity Punks and Negative. The first band was new territory for me, the shows of the latter two bands I have seen previously during some other occasions. However, a few days later I realized that I was in one of the last Negative gigs for the next time. But let’s start with ... more/mehr


Negative / Maxxwell Zürich
After the holidays are over, during which I sat together with my family and some good food, sang some Christmas carols, assembled some Playmobil parts for my cousins and sadly, had to stay in bed sick over New Year´s, it was finally time for the first gig of 2011. The Dynamo in Zürich came up with some very special guests – Negative ... more/mehr


Negative | Black Sonic Prophets Berlin
Tonight they perform here in Berlin, in the legendary Columbia Club and the fans jostle in front of the entrance already quite early: Negative are in the capital.

It is still puzzled who would be the support for the band. Then a murmur spreads - the guys were just sighted in the backstage area.

The ... more/mehr



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