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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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T-Rex Pratteln
T-Rex are one of the 70s Glam-Rock legends. Since the tragic death of singer Marc Bolan in 1977, the band could never really continue their winning streak. Their history lists many line-up changes and attempts to get the band back on track, and also more deaths, so that T-Rex even disbanded for a while. It has become quiet about ... more/mehr


Tacere | Manzana | Moonmadness Helsinki
Does the Helsinki scene already suffer from a concert overdose? Only a handful of fans had made it to Gloria when MoonMadness from Tampere began their show. What a pity, because this young act offered great songs and a talented sympathetic front woman, Heidi Bergbacka. For me admirable alone how she mastered high heels despite ... more/mehr


Tarja / Kells / Leaves Eyes Pratteln
Today is Mother´s Day and here in Z7 the appropriate event takes place. After successfully completing the last few Swiss gigs in Zürich, La Grande Dame from Finland, Tarja Turunen, returns, once again, to the venerable halls of Z7. Together with her two support acts, she fully relies on girl power tonight.

Leaves Eyes

I ... more/mehr


Tarja / Teodasia Pratteln
This is an evening for the ladies: The Grande-Dame of Symphonic-Metal Tarja Turunen is accompanied by Teodasia, who are pretty unknown to me. Which means once again off we go to Z7.

Teodasia enter the stage pretty early, first the males for an introduction, then also front lady Giulia. This band from Venice, Italy, ... more/mehr


Tarja Turunen Pratteln
Who needs a Finnish sauna when you have a 13 year old Renault Clio without air conditioning and outside temperatures of almost 30 degrees Celsius? And then the car was in the blazing sun all day long – yeeha!! And for this concert you has to get yourself into a corsage, of course. What would you give for being a man right now then ... more/mehr



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