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D Hamburg
D have already earned a well-known name in Japan - Visual Key Metal pure. For the first time ever in Europe, show Asagi (vocals), Ruiza (guitar), Hide-zou (guitar), Tsunehito (bass) and Hiroki (drums) with three concerts their presence live in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne to their local fans. And this fan base, it seems, despite ... more/mehr


Damien Cullen Band Unplugged Helsinki
Unplugged Gigs are quite trendy now in Finland, and this Friday offers 3 band performances at Boothill Bar, where beer is cheap and customers even bring their pets. (You can find more unplugged gig reviews indexed as „Sytyke-Klubi“.)

As we arrive later at the bar, we just hear the last third of the second act Cherika. ... more/mehr


Danko Jones / Black Magic Six Helsinki
It is a Tuesday, but still many of the believers will enter the sanctuary where one of the big preachers of the Rock´n´Roll gospel - Danko Jones - makes a stop-over – actually the first of a 2,5 year world tour, as he later reveals (details at the band website).

The evening begins with a riddle (yet unsolved) – why is the ... more/mehr


Danzig Hamburg
Glenn Danzig will turn 50 on June 23rd of this year. Alright, this is maybe not the most charming way to start a live review but I´ve never said that I´m charming. In an interview before the concert – which you can read soon - we could receive the impression of the vitality, appearance and character of the man himself. ... more/mehr


Dark Age Release Party Hamburg
What do Syndemic, Todtgelichter, The Bleeding and Dark Age have in common? The producer, Eike Freese, the singer from Dark Age -The Bleeding is still working on their first release, however. To celebrate the release of their latest album, Dark Age took the stage at Grünspan together with the three support acts. As the first band ... more/mehr



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