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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Swallow the Sun | Callisto | Before The Dawn Helsinki
Days before this event you might have seen me wearing a rapturous smile: Finnish melancholy is even better in (finally) summerly climate, offered by bands that are on heavy rotation in my CD player anyway... and it was the first day of the new Finnish law that prohibits smoking in restaurants. Question: Would Nosturi be concerned ... more/mehr


Sweet Little Sister (plays Skid Row) Helsinki
Like the last time, "On The Rocks" is not that crowded when the fifth "Hair Rock Special" only presents a Skid Row coverband, but this time it`s not a bad thing `cause this time you know what is expecting you here tonight. There is even a positive last minute surprise: no one less than Vanity Ink. bass player Miki Peltola will take ... more/mehr


Sytyke-Klubi: Battlelore Helsinki
It´s exciting to witness how different bands from different Metal genres transform the "unplugged" idea. The 4th Sytyke Klubi, organized by Inferno Magazine and Alakerta Helsinki, offered a new variation: Finnish Folk Metallers Battlelore transported the audience to a campfire in Middle-Earth...

... and many came from all ... more/mehr


Sytyke-Klubi: Before The Dawn / Black Sun Aeon / Dawn Of Solace - DARKNESS UNPLUGGED Helsinki
When the last Sytyke-Klubi had the atmosphere of „rehearsal/living room gig“, the comparison for this evening would rather be „church/chapel“ - it seemed you could hear a needle drop... (well, at least near the stage, on a backroom table there were some people who should rather have continued their endless chattering outside ...) ... more/mehr


Sytyke-Klubi: Swallow The Sun unplugged Helsinki
Alakerta Club, Nosturi´s little sister, has often raised attention with it´s cool live program series. Now in summer, together with Inferno Magazine, the so-called Sytyke-Klubi is about to entertain those who have to stay in Helsinki and cannot just spend the whole summer at Kesämöki (summer cottage) near one of those 100.000 Finnish ... more/mehr



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