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Dimmu Borgir / Amon Amarth / Engel Pratteln
Dusk has fallen over the land. In front of the holy halls they´re standing, reams of people dressed in black, all have come for finally their pleading and asking for getting back a gleam of the gods has been answered. Over and over again they have been speaking the words all night long.

I gamle gamle ... more/mehr


Dimmu Borgir / Enslaved / Sahg Helsinki
Helsinki boasts plenty of rock clubs, but let us state right away that Kulttuuritalo is not one of them. The House of Culture, as its name translates into, is one of the nicer creations by Alvar Aalto - Finland´s most famous architect, whose aesthetic instinct unfortunately was not always unfailing - and was built in the 1950s, presumably ... more/mehr


Dionysian Band plays The Doors Helsinki
Once it was Jesus who resurrected on Easter, nowadays it`s The Doors and Type O Negative. Well, let`s stick to The Doors respectively their frontman Jim Morrison who not really resurrected on Good Friday at "Sture 21", but whose songs were performed successfully by Henkku. Henkku is the vocalist of the The Doors tribute project "Dionysian ... more/mehr


Dirge / Crib45 Helsinki
An unusually early start for this gig, too, yet for everybody handling a regular day job this is quite convenient. Not least for the band members themselves, as also the French guests Dirge had to get up early to catch a ferry to their next Circumbaltica 2015 tour destination.

faced an already pretty ... more/mehr


Domenica, Wild Touch, Balboa Inn Hamburg
The Canadian Band DOMENICA tours around the world, and now it's Germany that get rocked. It could be called courageous to book the club Grünspan which isn't that small - especially on one of the rare days this year in Hamburg when a blazing sun attracts everybody to be outside. What happened was - and the two local bands ... more/mehr



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