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Donnas, The Hamburg
Fortunately, the Donnas didn’t make their fan base wait too long. Their concert on the 20th Febuary was their second visit to Hamburg in 17 months, once again in Grünspan. This band likes to prove itself live. Also, the Donnas, who met each other at the age of 14, released their first album at the age of 17 and who have always remained ... more/mehr


Donots / Royal Republic München
The tour stop in Munich leads the Donots into the sold out club 59:1 to showcase their new album. That these guys normally fill much larger venues is beyond question. However, they decided knowingly on this location as one of the smallest in their tour calendar. The lack of spatial separation between fans and stage generated a feeling ... more/mehr


Dope Stars Inc. | Entwine | Jesus On Extasy Hamburg
A short time after 8pm when the club opened its doors, one hour before the beginning of the concert, the girls are already sitting on the edge of the stage like roosting chicken, eagerly awaiting the handsome Finns, Italians and the folks from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, who might show up there. The low room fills constantly with ... more/mehr


Dornenreich Köln
Dornenreich on tour (with Heretoir und Wassermanns Fiebertraum) to promote their new album “Freiheit”, but it is still so completely hidden and if you don’t know the band already, you’d never guess to look for their live concert. I did not come by a single poster or flyer about this, so how can it be that the venue had already a ... more/mehr


Doro Pratteln
After two years she is finally back at Z7, the Queen of Metal, this small lady full of power who has been inspiring the Metal world with her voice for 25 years: Doro Pesch. The German rock lady celebrates her anniversary with the Fear no Evil Tour and was also visiting Switzerland. As the opening acts were not quite remarkable, let´s ... more/mehr



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