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Dope Stars Inc. | Entwine | Jesus On Extasy

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date23.05.2007 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Dope,Entwine,Jesus_2007 
Photos: Maike Eisenmenger 

A short time after 8pm when the club opened its doors, one hour before the beginning of the concert, the girls are already sitting on the edge of the stage like roosting chicken, eagerly awaiting the handsome Finns, Italians and the folks from Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, who might show up there. The low room fills constantly with mainly female and androgynous creatures, dressed up in black in full feather.

Shortly before 9pm the formation Jesus on Extasy brutely and with a birdmask-wearing singer enters the stage. But he immediately pulls down the mask from his dainty visage. By contrast in the rest of the show doesn´t happen more than posing. Already the first song suspiciously sounds like dancefloor and chartmusic. Take two sensual girls and three sexy boys from Ruhrgebiet, some kilos long hair, a looooot black eyeliner, lascivious looks and a little bit of self-portrayal, a waggonload rags of XtraX, furthermore of course many stereotype canned Beats, a few hard and driving guitars and a pimped voice.

The group from Nordrhein-Westfalen proves that a recipe isn´t enough to cook a good meal. Moreover, it also proves that such soulless commerce has also devoured the alternative scene. But obviously the so called „alternative“ scene needs someone to adore and in the meantime already devours dished up preserves.
As is generally known, demand always determines supply. A little technical blackout proves that the singing quality of „Dorian Deveraux“ also leaves much to be desired. The band is hyped and pushed as the german Newcomers and Future of Industrial Rock. But demonstrates with this gig that the „Party in the crypt“ is celebrated more on lower levels.

The long hair of the guitarist gets entangled with her instrument, but she ably compensates this with a professional smile and sensual movements. The lascivious girl at the keyboard permanently sways to the music in her corset.
And to bring the last girls to delirium, during the (for me totally inexplicable) encore the glamour-boy strips to the waist, narcissisticly pets his body and throws profound eyelinered glances at the audience. The charismatic glitter-scarf protects his delicate body against fresh breezes. The lovely smiling guitarist with eyes like a cow still fights with her hair. During the unavoidable cover-song with the title „Nowhere girl“ (from B-Movie) and the lyric´s line „Don´t walk away“ i just think „WALK AWAY“!

The next band is Entwine from Lahti, Finland and clearly is the actual headliner of the evening. Mika, the charismatic frontman, convinces with his authentic appearance and top singing. The room promptly gets fuller and more energetic. From the first minute, the band has the audience on its side. All of the songs are clear, haunting and enthralling with hit potential. The crowd awards this with ecstatic clapping, dancing and photographing. Even without live-keyboarder songs like „Fatal Design“, „Time of Despair“ und „Break me“, „Surrender“, „Out of you“ are no less than intoxicating. The Finns effortlessly win the audience, that cheers and asks for more by crying out „Einer geht noch, einer geht noch rein!“ Water and sweat sprays: An honest, dirty and convincing Rockshow! Like we know it and expect it from the Finns!

Upon the audience only unwillingly let the finns go, the Italian „Party Goths“ Dope Stars Inc. enter the stage with a forceful „Boom Boom“ as the third band and immediately spread their party-mood. Now the time of the „highlights-girlies“ has come, who start dancing at once. All of them have coloured highlights in their hair and enjoy to be animated by the singer „Victor Love“, who – rather homoerotic – with crying and squawking voice jumps up and down like a rubber ball, while he wildly paddles with his arms. The audition freaks out, but by far not like before with Entwine, although the Italians overly push it with their „shout-techno“.

Like the music of Jesus on Extasy, the songs are synthetical from top to toe and dancefloor-like.
With so much outwardness probably the inside just must be missed out. There is just no space anymore. „I wanna be a star“ seems to be a contagious sickness, which – in times of „Deutschland sucht den Superstar“ („Germany is searching for the superstar“) and „Popstars“ – somehow appears to be tattooed on everybody´s brain. Again another preserve in the storage rack. However, the singer convinces with his power and passion.

The whole thing should be more than just the sum of all particles.
More plain fare than junk-food!

Maria Mann

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