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Ankkarock 2006 Vantaa Korso
Even ducks in Finland are all about metal (elks are clearly out of the competition!). Those birdies rock big time and do it on the scale good enough to outrun most other Finnish metal festivals! Both, territory-wise and bandsī selection, Ankka was like if five Tuskas were run at once and all at the same place… Actually, a few places ... more/mehr


Ankkarock 2007 Korso/Vantaa
Not far from Helsinki the ducks (ankka) lure a lot of audience, and Ankkarock is indeed quite attractive because of a nice size, great park location, that means somewhat idyllic, a lot of ponds and even those already mentioned feathered creatures. Three stages naturally mean that a lot happens simultaneously, but a wide program variety ... more/mehr


Ankkarock 2008 Vantaa
Neither sun nor ducks (= "ankka") had a big appearance at Finnish Ankkarock Festival 2008, yet it still turned out to be a nice and peaceful event, although about 30 500 people (17 000 on saturday and 13 500 on sunday) had gathered in the central park of Korso.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

... more/mehr


Ankkarock 2009 Vantaa
21.000 visitors this time meant some recline in comparison with the previous year, and you could see that also backstage - easy to find a place to sit down, and the big catering tent wasnīt needed. The reason for this was probably the lack of big foreign names in the line-up and thus the biggest crowds were attracted by Finnish artists ... more/mehr


Ankkarock Festival 2010 Vantaa
You needed sun lotion as well as a raincoat for Ankkarock Festival in this summer, and switching between those two like every 15 minutes. Yet it was only on the first day that weather changes were extreme, on the second day you even missed the rain showers that were announced... Those 17.000 visitors (10.000 on Saturday, on Sunday ... more/mehr



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