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Tanzwut in Russland 2012 / Tanzwut in Russia 2012 Moskow, St. Petersburg
Tanzwut visited Moskow and St. Petersburg, Russia during their "Weiße Nächte Tour", and it was already the second time we could celebrate with our Russian fans: On March 22, 2012, we once again took on this adventure in quite a good mood.

Our first stop was Moscow. When we arrived we met the journalist Kira who showed ... more/mehr


The End - of Before The Dawn / Black Sun Aeon / RoutaSielu: eine Grabrede / a funeral eulogy Lahti
“Sure, no problem to do the merch when the stand is near the stage, because I can follow the show then too”. “Nobody buys merch while a band is playing on stage.” Two people, two theories, to be proven wrong... As the report should measure up to this special occasion, the “official funeral” of 3 (even 4) bands – background info ... more/mehr


The Way Of Darkness: Parsifall | Cutthroat | Final Breath | Equilibrium | Infernal Blasphemy Bamberg
The first surprise hit us right at the entrance. A sign beneath the door informed the guests, that the headliner Nocte Obducta had to cancel due to an ill guitarist. Positve was, however, that the organisator tried it´s best to grant the fans a nice, metallic evening. Therefore he reduced the ticket prices, Final Breath and Equilibrium ... more/mehr


Tolkien & Trekkie Fan-Films
The Hunt For Gollum + Interview with director Chris Bouchard; Born of Hope, Trouble Of The Ring, Star Wreck + update to the IRON SKY project

Fan-Films, that means films made by fans for fans, promoted via WWW - is it a new cultural phenomenon or just a logical consequence of Internet-Youtube-culture where anybody ... more/mehr


Trash Fest III Helsinki
Facing such temperatures in Finland, it becomes quite difficult to put yourself together and leave the warm home, especially when the whole inner city has turned into a skating arena. Yet US Sweetheart Mama Trash takes care of the Trash Fest III that warms our hearts and souls and provides our ears with some good music.

Trash ... more/mehr



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