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Pagan Fest 2008 Pratteln
Letīs go back to ancient times, into the world of myths and legends where heroes were born. Where dragons, werewolves, fairies, trolls, witches and warlocks dwelt. Where war tribes conquered lands, leaving behind only death and destruction. Where King Arthur, his sword Excalibur and his Knights Of The Round Table wrote history. Where ... more/mehr


Party.San Open-Air 2009 Bad Berka
The "Party.San" is definitely among the coziest but also toughest festivals of the season! The location is pretty weird, the fans are like a big family, the organization is small but effective, and the worst that can happen are a few that passed out - besides perhaps some delays in the time table that everybody can understand. One ... more/mehr


Pellavarock 2006 Lammi
If Hobbits ever thought of organizing a Metal festival in the Shire it would be precisely the Pellavarock, miniature, cozy and with as much nature as possible! Lammi just couldnīt be a better place for it, so beautiful and simply fantasy-like! It was almost grotesque how bizarre the Heavy-Metallers looked playing among such a clear ... more/mehr


Porispere 2012 Pori
Once upon a time, some greedy promoters came up with the idea of touring festivals featuring big-name bands a couple of decades past their prime. One infamous example is Sonisphere, whose first two Finnish instalments were staged in Pori, a small town on the west coast. Last year, however, Sonisphere was relocated to Helsinki, where ... more/mehr


POWER OF METAL TOUR 2011: Symphony X / Nevermore / Psychotic Waltz/ Mercenary / Thaurorod Pratteln

The Power of Metal Tour luckily also visits Switzerland and club Z7, what joy when you live nearby. There is no way that I miss this one, especially because of Symphony X who had played their last gig here so many years ago. The club is not sold out tonight, but pretty full.

The Finns Thaurorod ... more/mehr



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