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Jalometalli 2007 Oulu
Jalometalli (precious metal) can be found also near the Arctic circle, this year for the sixth time in Oulu. Although up to now more an underground festival, it could easily compete with those big Finnish festivals. Still there is this particular “big-family” feeling, you could even see various musicians sitting in the press/backstage ... more/mehr


Jalometalli 2008 Oulu
Jalometalli, one of Finland´s most renowned metal music festivals, took place for the seventh time in the city of Oulu, located about 600 kilometers North from Helsinki in Club Teatria, a former meat-packing hall. There were two stages: one inside and the main stage right outside. Because of such a small area it didn´t take much ... more/mehr


Jalometalli 2011 Oulu
If you have visited too many massive festivals with thousands and thousands of people, huge camping areas, queues and too many bands to digest, a smaller festival with excellent and well-selected line-up feels like a refreshing breeze. Finnish Jalometalli is cozy and something between an open air and a club festival. The main stage ... more/mehr


Jalometalli 2013 Oulu
It was only afterwards that I realized I was part of an historic event – Jalometalli´s last time at Club Teatria. The reasons why a bit later – fist I have to admit I felt lucky to be part of it anyway, mainly because finding a cheap flight (about 1h), as by car/bus/train it would take 9-10h to get to Oulu. This year´s ”precious ... more/mehr


Jalometalli 2014 Oulu

Contrary to advance information, the weather in Oulu was just as great as it had been in Helsinki for the past few weeks, as I was happy to observe upon leaving the train on Friday afternoon. It had been a more than seven-hour ride, which meant missing the first few bands but I caught the last bit of Dark ... more/mehr



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