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Earthshaker Roadshock 2007: Finntroll | Die Apokalyptischen Reiter | After Forever | Tarot | Machine Men | All Ends Hamburg
Whoever met Finntroll and Tarot before the concert was surely shocked. Finns do look hangoverish sometimes, but this tour had just started, and all looked so wasted as if it was the last show of an extensive tours. And when you saw a rather desperate looking tourmanager hurrying through the venue, you could already assume that alcohol ... more/mehr


Eastpak Antidote Tour: Sonic Syndicate / Dark Tranquillity / Soilwork / Caliban Köln
Sold out like Karlsruhe and Munich before, the Eastpak Antidote Tour made a stop at the Live Music Hall in Cologne. Some "oldschool" fans of Dark Tranquillity and Soilwork might´ve been wondering about the "strange" running order, since they had to play as 2nd and 3rd. "Aren´t Dark Tranquillity much older, why do they have to play ... more/mehr


Eine in Teich Festival 2013 Arriach
A Metalfestival on top of a mountain – just the location is a selling point because of the view. Yet: you need a good stomach and should not be afraid of heights, just when driving up there. Flatlanders should gather information how to tackle mountains beforehand, as we encounter even 2 vehicles that have given up early. (NS)
In ... more/mehr


Eläkeläiset - 20 songs translated
STALKER.cd would like to thank Onni Waris for the translations (all original) of the Eläkeläiset songs from the albums Humppasirkus, Humppaunited and Humppasheikkailu.

TAJUTON HUMPPA (Making Plans for Nigel - XTC)

meni eilen kankahalle taju, iu
kasvoi naamaan viikset tussiset, iu
meni eilen kankahalle taju, ... more/mehr


End Of Dayz 2006 Pratteln
The annoying question on what to do on New Year´s Eve was answered this time by Z7 in Pratteln, right after the Metal Dayz. Back then club owner Norbert decided to organize the End Of Dayz festival, for the first time in Z7 history. Three days of Metal-New Year-countdown with 34 different bands, a heated tent with stage plus the ... more/mehr



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