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Findustry 2014 Helsinki
Friday 5.9.
Despite a lot of competition in other live clubs of the Finnish capital, quite many party-hungry had gathered at Backstage-Club (or Bäkkäri), where welcomed them. Yet already the first act

lured people to the dance floor – it´s rare to have aliens from outer space as ... more/mehr


Findustry on Ice 2013 Helsinki
The organizers (Elektrik Products) must have had prophetic powers – when the “Findustry on Ice” event took place, the temperatures dropped a dozen degrees below zero, and moving from A to B in the city of Helsinki could have been easier using skates than ordinary footware. Luckily inside the club the ice could only be found in cube-form ... more/mehr


Findustry Schools Out 2013 Helsinki
Findustry events is something not to miss for STALKER because of this peculiar mixture of dance party and concert, well-known and not so well-known bands and Djs, with a focus on genres that mix with Elektro/Industrial, has always some surprises to offer. This time it was a way too nice weather that appeared the doom of this 2-day-event ... more/mehr


Findustry Winterball 2015 Helsinki
Friday 13th (February), a perfect date for another Metal/Industrial/EBM event – something the Findustry organizers don´t need an invitation for. As usual the choice of bands left nothing to wish for and therefore lured a lot of party people into the club. Moreover, the DJs Kryotechnik, Afro, Freak and MG provided extra kicks for ... more/mehr


Findustry Winterfest 2014 Helsinki
The name for this Alternative/Industrial Rockfestival hit the bulls eye once again – chilling temperatures made me wonder if enough people would dare to leave their cosy homes for this party where 6 bands, 4 DJs (AQI, AFRO, SET E-110, FREAK) were supposed to rock the stage. “Supposed” meaning, the organisers (Elektrik Produkts) ... more/mehr



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