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Sahg - Listening Session - Sahg II Bergen
The four Norwegians from Bergen presented their soon to be released album at the Conclave & Earshot Studio during the Hole In The Sky festival to some journalists. And it grooves… really!

The guys are definitely not unknown, although they´ve all made their names in a somewhat different field. Sahg are:

Olav Iversen ... more/mehr


Saturday Night Rock Fight Helsinki
With a combination of merciless fights hand to hand and Metal live music Finn-Kanadian Starbuck, Pro Wrestler and „Fight Club Finland“ manager, intends to raise the popularity of his sport in Northern Europe. And obviously the first „Fight Night“ was a success in terms of audience numbers and mood, therefore it´s highly probable ... more/mehr


Sauna Open Air 2005 Tampere
Last year it was a small but nice event with mostly local bands and one big name: Nightwish. With about 13000 people Sauna Open Air was a huge success. This year things got kicked up a notch. Whilst Tuska largely abandoned big names, Sauna Open Air came up with even 2 huge names: Slayer and Megadeath. The festival was almost sold-out ... more/mehr


Sauna Open Air 2006 Tampere
The word “sauna” is almost holy in Finnish vocabulary and calling a festival that, means a whole lot more to a local metaller, than any other music enthusiast can imagine! Also note that ´sauna´ is the only international word that exists in this difficult northern language. It takes a while for the actual sauna to warm-up and so ... more/mehr


Sauna Open Air 2007 Tampere
If you have no clue why this festival had been given this name, well, if you just go there you understand why. Despite being located right by the seaside – the view is simply stunning! - you feel grateful for any little breeze, for every little cloud, and even for every drop of rain. Well, only if it´s not pouring down too heavily...

Thursday, ... more/mehr



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