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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Arch Enemy / Leaves Eyes / Mercenary / Sister Sin Pratteln
A motley mix of styles- Death to Folk to Melodic to Old School, no idea what the promoter of this tour had in mind. All bands are top acts and appeal to a quite diverse fan base, therefore some are destined to have difficulties.

Sister Sin
The Swedes have achieved a lot already, a big US tour and then this tour ... more/mehr


Arch Enemy / The Scourger Helsinki
Sunday evenings are maybe not the best time for a concert, concerning that most people have to work Monday morning. But ARCH ENEMY are a good reason to start the week with a lack of sleep. Therefore the Tavastia was fairly filled, already during the support THE SCOURGER which really fired up the audience from the first second. ... more/mehr


ARIA / Dreamtale Helsinki
It´s a pity that such a historic moment happened on a Tuesday evening and even pretty early for Finland... the Russian Band ARIA played their first gig ever in the Finnish capital – although those guys have been around for 30 (!) years and usually play in stadions in their home country... unfortunately it seems still a bit difficult ... more/mehr


Arstidir Osnabrück
“Arstidir – icelandic indie folk” said the poster at the door of the Lutherhaus in Osnabrück. If I hadn’t heard of them already, I really would not have known what to expect. I didn’t have much of an idea as it was, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing...

After I saw the documentary "Arstidir - you just have to know of ... more/mehr


Árstíđir Wolomin
Before retreating to the studio to record their third album, Árstíđir went on touring Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland for a week. Recently shrunk from sextet to quartet, the band is taking a slightly different direction in their music and was eager to try some of the new material in front of an audience. If anyone had feared ... more/mehr



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