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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Árstíðir Aschaffenburg
Aschaffenburg’s Colos-Saal offers ideal conditions for pretty much any concert with local sound- and light technicians that really know their stuff. When this comes coupled with an interested audience and a band that knows how to make use of the place, a good evening is guaranteed. With Árstíðir it became clear from the first notes ... more/mehr


Árstíðir / Myrra Rós Halle (Saale)
A stage reminiscent of a theater, a curious and happy audience, and a band that captivated everyone were the ingredients of a beautiful evening at Object 5 in Halle. Support act Myrra Rós contributed as much to this as Árstíðir, the main act of the night.

Halle was the seventh concert of their three week tour across Germany ... more/mehr


As I Lay Dying / Heaven Shall Burn / Suicide Silcence / Adept Helsinki
After I had dragged my almost deep-frozen body punctually to Heaven Shall Burn
- the first to bands I unfortunately missed – I was confronted with a nice surprise, a huge teenage crowd. What I heard later is that most of them had come to see Suicide Silence . As far as I am concerned, I had never seen so many teens at ... more/mehr


As I Lay Dying / Shallow Bloodhood / Neaera / Requiem For Sirens Pratteln
There is no better ending for the month March than a death metal gig of the greatest kind at a late hour. The Americans are inviting us, after a long term abstinence from Europe, to a concert in Switzerland again. Sure you`ll be dragging yourself there even if it´s Monday and the alarm will be ringing early the next morning, because ... more/mehr


Audrey Horne | Sólstafir | Long Distance Calling Hamburg
And so we headed forth to an evening of mighty guitars, deafening drums and lots and lots of fun. Long Distance Calling, accompanied with Sólstafir and Audrey Horne played in the new Hamburg venue, Klubsen and we went among about 550 other music enthusiasts to check it out.




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