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YOU GOT STALKED: HIM / Paradise Lost Köln, Hamburg, Wien
Once again STALKER managed to follow a tour through central Europe – this time our YOU GOT STALKED victims are HIM and Paradise Lost:

Köln, Palladium, 24.2.2008
Finland, Germany, Europe. The UK, the US, followed by the rest of the world. Six regular albums, loads of gold and platinum records, awards one after ... more/mehr


YOU GOT STALKED: New Moon over Europe Tour - Swallow the Sun / Insomnium / Omnium Gatherum Helsinki, Prague, Berlin
With so many good bands on tour all over Europe, it seems natural that STALKER keeps tracking them down, especially those considered the creme de la creme of contemporary Dark Melodic Metal, bearing the sign of the Northern blue-on-white cross... three STALKER provided reports:

Tavastia, Helsinki, FIN, 22.11.2009 ... more/mehr


YOU GOT STALKED: Pain | Engel | Turmion Kätilöt & FIN: Black Light Discipline Helsinki, Hamburg, Zürich
Three concerts, three STALKERs and three opinions – once again a band can feel honored with special attention: YOU GOT STALKED. Here you can find out how PAIN + support fared on their recent EU Tour:

Nosturi Helsinki, Sept 24
As Tarot dropped out of the EU tour, other bands filled the gaps at short notice. In ... more/mehr


YOU GOT STALKED: Poets of the Fall Pratteln, Freiburg, Berlin
2 countries, 3 reports, 1 band – this time our YOU GOT STALKED series is dedicated to the Finns Poets of the Fall. Whereas my colleague Stefanie has seen about 100 shows of this band, for me it is „only“ the third time I see those guys live. And for the first time outside of their home country.

This evenings´ show was ... more/mehr


YOU GOT STALKED: Sonata Arctica Turku, Helsinki, Pratteln
When several STALKERs can actually stalk the very same band on the same tour, the result is a nice combination of different viewpoints. In this case we can get an impression how a Finnish band does on home ground, once seen from the eyes of a country fellow, once by those of a ”foreigner”. And then a concert review ”from abroad”, ... more/mehr



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