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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Caroline / Queen Seventeen Vantaa
Regarding live-shows, you are sometimes just too spoiled when you live in Helsinki, because it seems the hottest rockbands of the Finnish capital are playing here almost every week. But in case of Caroline we were taught a lesson when they said "Last gig for a while!", on top of that in an Irish Pub in Vantaa-Myyrmäki. Well, the ... more/mehr


Cavalera Conspiracy / Clean State Esch-Alzette
The festival season is in full swing and while lots of people are already partying at various festivals, some bands also make stops in venues to entertain those, who had to miss them at festivals. That was the case with Cavalera Conspiracy, who made a stopover at Rockhal in Luxemburg to cause some „Blunt Force Trauma“. BFT is also ... more/mehr


Children Of Bodom Helsinki
It seems to be a sort of tradition already that Children of Bodom have to play a sold-out double feature in Helsinki... and this is one of the occasions that you really appreciate the video-screen upstairs.

This time with the aid of local television you even got nice close up of Jaska's facial expressions. ... more/mehr


Children of Bodom / Decapitated / Medeia Pratteln
A beautiful hot and sunny day makes it easy waiting for this evening, especially when you don´t really want to share it with a lot of fellow homo sapiens. And rather spend all autumn and winter in a solitary hut in Finland – just nature, peace, freedom. Let´s see which effect the mere sight of some Finns will have. A long queue ... more/mehr


Children of Bodom / Ensiferum / Machinae Supremacy - in CH Pratteln
Incredible how time goes by, it´s been 5 weeks since my last visit at Z7. Well, Ok, I was in Finland and saw some gigs there, and also those bands I had rather watched in their home countries. Three times Power from the North, and although not quite my favorites, watching those bands is a nice occasion to get among people, because ... more/mehr



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