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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Ektomorf (Hu) | Korzus (Bra) | Liquid God (Ger) | Gorthaur`s Wrath (Cro) Graz
Ektomorf´s ´Road to Redemption´ tour should lure me for the first time in this year to Explosiv club in Austrian Graz. Well, I have to admit that it was more my “support-the-underground” attitude than real interest in the band.
According to Facebook it should start at 20 h, somewhere I had read 19:30 h, therefore my colleague ... more/mehr


Electric Boys Stockholm
Finland`s most legendary rock band Hanoi Rocks is still a major public attraction, and as they don`t exist anymore, the focus is now on the former band members and their various projects. In Mad Juana, the acoustic guitar is served by Hanoi Rocks` bass player Sami Yaffa. At the Electric Boys, there are even two former band members ... more/mehr


Electric Eel Shock Hamburg
That was something. At 20:00 h the Molotow was supposed to open. But at around 21:30 the doors finally opened. Then our photographer was taken off the guestlist. After quite some tries of persuance we finally got him in. That the camera was broken and automatically deleted all the pictures was something we couldn´t know.

The ... more/mehr


Electric Eel Shock Hamburg
Short after having tour with Bloodhound Gang in US and Europe, Electric Eel Shock came back to Hamburg City again. Most of the people who saw the Japanese guys a few weeks before, exactly knew what was going to happen. Freak show, weird, sick, even wearing socks on dick...??? Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

We were talking with ... more/mehr


Electric Eel Shock / The Cumshots Hamburg
It is recommended to use a water-resistant, shock-protected camera for photographing Max Cargo. The audience in front of the stage keeps an obvious safe distance to the rampage of the two metres high frontman from the Norwegian Cumshots. This doesn’t help a lot, because the stage is much too small for Max and the microphone ... more/mehr



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