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Hanoi Rocks Hamburg
After all these wasted years without music, Hanoi Rocks finally came to Hamburg! The timing was absolutely perfect in this case, because Hanoi Rocks are better and stronger than ever before. Anyone who doesn’t believe this, should just go to their next show.

Bloom, Lacun and A.C. (Andy Cristell) are now also members of ... more/mehr


Hardcore Superstar / Ammotrack Wiesbaden
That`s what`s great about most of the ‚Hardcore Superstar´ gigs: everything happens in a familiar frame. The clubs are of the smallest kind and just big enough to be filled within minutes and the air starts burning. The stage has 6 meters length 3 meter depth and because of its low level you almost everywhere have the best place, ... more/mehr


Hardcore Superstar / Avatar / Ammotrack Helsinki, Tampere & Turku
In February 2011, when I fell in love with the music and the live-show of Hardcore Superstar, I would never have dreamed that I could see them again at the same place at the end of the same year. Moreover, Jocke Berg (Vocals), Vic Zino (Guitar), Martin Sandvik (Bass) and Magnus "Adde" Andreasson (Drums) also went on a five-city-tour ... more/mehr


Hardcore Superstar / Crashdiet Hamburg
Two Swedish bands plan a world tour. One names it “The Unattractive Revolution”, after their currently released album, the others call the tour “Mentally Damaged”. Why not combining it, as both had a brand new CD out: Crashdiet, Sleaze Glam Metal from Stockholm, and Hardcore Superstar, Glam Rock Trash from Gothenburg.

CRASHDÏET ... more/mehr


Hatesphere | Six Reasons to Kill | Bloodwork | SIC Hamburg
An evening full of total thrash is what every good christian child needs to warm his lonely soul and this one was wicked as hell. All bands that performed went along the same thrashy line as the likes of Pantera and Sepultura, and they threw in some of their songs too.

The boy wonders from the Faroe Islands -SIC- ... more/mehr



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