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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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October Rust plays Type O Negative Helsinki
After we have experienced more or less the successful resurrection of The Doors` Jim Morrison on Good Friday, thanks to the tribute band "Dionysian Band" at "Sture 21", on this Easter Sunday it was the turn of the Type O Negative tribute band "October Rust" - and with their performance at "Virgin Oil", they simply outshined everything. ... more/mehr


Opaque Buff / The Riot Soul / Posh Vandals Helsinki
If there was one thing I didn`t expect this evening, it was any kind of respective level. As I already mentioned in my review for Opaque Buff`s EP "Street Decadence", the voice of Dallas reminds me rather of a singing stuffed "Sesame Street" animal doll than a "Sleaze icon", as which he is described by the band itself. Also, the ... more/mehr


Opeth / Alcest Helsinki
As a middle-aged hippie who grew up listening to Pink Floyd and the like before converting to death metal, I was surprised by my own dissatisfaction when Opeth decided to become a fully-fledged prog band. Theoretically, Heritage (2011) should have been right up my alley, but often as I tried, I never managed to get into it. Whatever ... more/mehr


OTTO DIX Hamburg
OTTO DIX, not only Russia's most well-known gothic band, but even the first on solo tour through Germany, played - beside in Chemnitz, Leverkusen, Munich, Dresden and Berlin - also in Hamburg a concert in the rather unusual club Catonium. Unusual, because at this place the friends of the fetish and BDSM-culture can ... more/mehr


Out of the Dark Festival Tour: Tristania/Van Canto/ Serenity/ Xandria/ Amberian Dawn Pratteln
Somehow it is a pity that so many good concerts take place at Pratteln only during the week, because otherwise they would draw many more people. Still on this very Wednesday a surprisingly big crowd gathered at Z7 for Out of the Dark Festival which is touring Europe now. This festival is focused on the sirens of Metalbiz, every ... more/mehr



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