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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Texas Terri Bomb! / The Heartburns Helsinki
Actually I don`t care a fig about Punk. That still I stumble anyway into "Semifinal" on the first July evening is a fact we have to thank Texas Terri, a legend who even was compared with Iggy Pop.

It`s not that easy thing for me to get into the right mood for the support act The Heartburns, the guys from Helsinki ... more/mehr


The 69 Eyes - Back In Blood Tour 2010 Esch-Alzette
It seems as if just recently some bands have discovered the existence of Luxembourg. How else could you explain, that you hear : "Itīs our first time here!" from various bands more often lately. Just about 10 days ago, Emilie Autumn played her first gig ever there, now the Finns of The 69 Eyes followed.
Because of that, ... more/mehr


The 69 Eyes / Lacrimas Profundere Pratteln
Naturally a snowstorm picked precisely this day for a rage; luckily only 15 km further in Pratteln itīs only rain, so that you donīt look like a snow man on arrival at Z7. Today itīs not only a concert but also an interview with 69 Eyes beat machine Jussi, which can soon be read here. Unfortunately the 69Eyes havenīt attracted too ... more/mehr


The Baseballs Pratteln
Tonight we are taken into the past, to those times with Elvis, perfect gel styling, petticoats and Rock’n’Roll. Because tonight the charming guys of The Baseballs play in Z7 club.

The place is more than packed, the stage is still hidden by a courtain where The Baseballs Logo is projected on. The crowd, about 1750 ... more/mehr


The Blanko - Into The Silence album release party | supp. Cherry and the Vipers Helsinki
The Blankoīs second album, Into The Silence, was released on the same day as the album release party was held in Virgin Oil in Helsinki. The bandīs unique style of "modern retro rock" has acquired a loyal fan base, even if I would gladly see the band attract bigger crowds. Theyīd deserve it.

And perhaps with the fierce ... more/mehr



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