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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Tristania / Asrai / Unsun (Rubicon Tour) Pratteln
After a long long time 2 bandsof this evening return to Z7 where girlpower reigns, because all 3 bands feature a front woman. Those 3 ladies who draw all attention this night could not be more different, which is good because there´s something for every taste. No matter if fragile high, rock or very variable voice, you find it all ... more/mehr


Trivium | Annihilator | Sanctity Helsinki
A very successful ticket sale had the US-Canadian tour circus drop by at the bigger Kultturitalo instead of Nosturi Klubi. Local hobby historians explained to me that this place was a legendary Rock venue back in the 60s and 70s. But this time, the very same day only a few hours earlier, it hosted a classical concert, and there was ... more/mehr


Turisas St. Petersburg
The famous Finnish Viking-metal band Turisas came back to St. Petersburg after a break of 6 long years. Knowing this you would expect to see the long line of hardcore metalheads at the doorstep of the club waiting to come in hours before the ‘open doors’-time. But for some reason the reality proved to be different. Although the folk-metal ... more/mehr


Turisas / Crimfall Helsinki
Easter time - last snow just melting, that is the signal for Finns to open the picknick-, grilling and bathing season, and maybe all together at the same time somewhere at summer-Möki in Scandinavian countryside. That means the capital city is almost entirely ruled by tourists. All of the city? No, there is this club that obviously ... more/mehr


Turmion Katilöt | Deathchain Helsinki
The Easter weekend in Helsinki was absolutely merciless! Between painting the eggs and signing postcards, I was also busy choosing which band to see – this time it was especially tough, between Amorphis and Turmion Katilöt. My selection criteria: Amorphis is incapable of a bad show, whether small club or summer´s biggest festival. ... more/mehr



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