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Block Buster - photo gallery Helsinki
An explosion of pure energy, that´s maybe the best way to describe what happens when these guys from Kuopio, Finland, enter – or better: storm – the stage. Block Buster provide this 80s Hardrock/Metal feeling ranging from AC/DC to ZZ Top with a touch of Glam. Awesome performance, you can feel the guys have a lot of fun that inspires ... more/mehr


Bloodflowerz - Discovering a Sunday in Hamburg Hamburg
Some Bloodflowerz discover Hamburg
Unusual sightseeing with the Bloodflowerz

The band consisting of the pretty and powerful-voiced front lady Kirsten Zahn and her men don’t like to be categorized but the label gothic metal probably describes their style the best. The band, originally formed as Airfresh, had played many ... more/mehr


Bruderschaft: Supergroup for Charity
Still looking for X-mas present ideas? Fans of Electro / Synth / EBM? You enjoy supporting a good cause? Then this project is something for you:

10 years ago, a super group named Bruderschaft - uniting members of VNV NATION, COVENANT, APOPTYGMA BERZERK and ICON OF COIL - released an EP named "Forever", donating its ... more/mehr


Brutal Assault 2007 Jaromer
Probably one of the most extreme Metal festivals in Europe is Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic, and 2007 marks it´s 12th year in running. This year saw a new location for the festivities to take place, an old army fortress built the 18 th Century situated 130 km east of Prague in the town of Jaromer. Not the easiest destination ... more/mehr


Building A Force 2010 Bad Rappenau
In the beautiful Lake Rappenau/Heilbronn region, the fever for Building A Force festival had spread rampantly, a fever that afflicts mostly 30-year-old power/trad metallers. This particular average age added its own certain vibe: this was certainly a specialist festival.

The first band, Destination´s Calling, won us over ... more/mehr



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