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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Megaherz / End of Green Pratteln
Slowly it´s getting cold and first snow is announced, and suitable for this rather sinister season two German bands are guests at Z7. For me the evening begins with interviewing Sad Sir (End of Green), you´ll read about it here soon. After that I had to wait for a long time until the guys I met for the interview finally entered ... more/mehr


Mely - CD Präsentation Berg im Drautal
The Rockband Mely from Steinfeld, Austria, presented their new CD „... leave and enter empty rooms“, and it was the most intense concert I have seen in the past 10 years. The quintet from Drautal has obviously been working on their music, and on themselves. „We all grew up“, comments front man Andreas Mataln the change.

I ... more/mehr


Memfis | Before The Dawn Helsinki
Because several praising words have been written about Before the Dawn in this very magazine and it seems that not a single day passes on which their “Deadsong” isn`t played on the radio, I was persuaded to check them out myself at a concert. That with Memfis there was another, promising sounding band performing that night made the ... more/mehr


Meshuggah / Nicole Helsinki
The last time Meshuggah played in Nosturi was in 2003, so basically 10 years ago. Finnish fans just couldn´t wait to see the Swedish band playing in a club the capital again, so unsurprisingly the Swedes face a sold-out venue.

But before the headliners hit the stage, let´s wait and see what the Finns Nicole have ... more/mehr


Metal Idiots: Blake | Ajattara | Barathrum | Black Temple | United Underworld Helsinki
If it was because of the name or the program, this time Gloria Club filled up nicely right from the start, and spirits were high, although the promoter´s expectations might not quite be fulfilled.

United Underworld have Ville Tuomi (Suburban Tribe), one of the best Finnish singers, as their frontman. And he acted ... more/mehr



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