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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Metal Inferno: Nocturnal Rites | Thunderstone | Legenda Aurea Lenzburg
The metal inferno in Lenzburg, a beautiful town with medieval charm, has rightfully earned its name: touring start for two of the best heavy metal bands from the far North as well as for several local bands. Unfortunately I was an hour too late and thus missed the first two Swiss bands Granit and Trickshot.

another ... more/mehr


Metallica – Fan Invasion Helsinki
Attention, this is no regular concert review but a report about the surrounding of such a mega event. What happened to fans who came to see Metallica – with HIM and Diablo as support acts – in Helsinki?

Even the day before there were signs of the “Metallica day” - many more people with Metallica merchandise in the ... more/mehr


Metalophobia: Minsk Security / As Sanity Fades / Crescent Moon / Hyperium Bubikon
The small but mighty concert in Switzerland which is known as “Metalophobia” attracted several people to come to the Rampeclub in Bubikon on April, 8th 2011. Two bands from Switzerland presented their new albums and were energetically supported by Swiss Crescent Moon and Hyperium.

The opener Crescent Moon did an amazing ... more/mehr


Metalorgy: Turmion Kätilöt / Ajattara / Fear Of Domination / Verjnuarmu / Black Light Discipline Helsinki
A promising title for a festivity: under the headline Metal Orgy 5 popular sinister Finnish acts were gathered in Nosturi club – which was certainly tested once again for its holding capacity.

Black Light Discipline

More photos in the ... more/mehr


Metsatöll / Kuolemanlaakso / Soulthrower Helsinki
An exuberant Estonian celebration with some Finnish guests – this might be the shortest description of this evening at On The Rocks. Perhaps a bit too short, therefore here some more details...
The long queue at the club already foreshadowed how full it would be later – which is great for the bands, but not for the disciples ... more/mehr



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