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Tuska Festival 2010 Helsinki
Tuska – which means “pain” in Finnish, absolutely correct after those 3 days of intense heat – was once again proof how popular Metal in Finland really is. Totally sold out, that means 33.000 Metalheads gathered in the heart of Helsinki. Unfortunately next time it won´t happen in Kaisaniemi Park, but in the harbour area of Suvilahti ... more/mehr


TUSKA Open Air 2005 Helsinki
Summers in Helsinki are always much too short, but warm and sunny as a compensation. Everyone is walking around with a big grin on their face, feeling happy. As far as the more than 30.000 metalheads armed with band shirts are concerned, there’s nothing like TUSKA (=agony). This is the eight time TUSKA is taking place in Kaisaniemi ... more/mehr


TUSKA Open Air 2006 Helsinki
Now for the ninth time Helsinki´s city center was in a state of emergency. All affordable hotels, motels and hostels were fully booked; invasions of band shirts and in every pub (this is, however, always the case) metal and rock was played. Once again it´s TUSKA- time! TUSKA - meaning pain – is hardly comparable to ... more/mehr


Tuska Open Air 2011 Helsinki
Was it the new location or the program – the signs (like quickly sold-out-3 day tickets) might have been a bit deceiving: according to the official summary it were not so many more people than usual who visited Finnish Tuska 2011, although the new Suvilahti area offers space for bigger audiences. Still, 28.000 visitors in three days, ... more/mehr


Tuska Open Air 2012 Helsinki
Same procedure as every year... once again Helsinki turned into a meeting point for Metalheads, when Tuska Festival opened the gates on a summer weekend.

Friday 29, 2012
Starting a festival at 12:30 pm on a workday may not sound like the best of ideas, but thankfully, Tuska has returned to its traditional ... more/mehr



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