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Metalinferno 2008 Lenzburg
For the fifth time Metalinferno is calling us to Lenzburg, and we are again part of it, despite some delay caused by a detour and railroad works.

Angry Bastard
The guys of Angry Bastard challenged some other bands in the Battle of Metal and won, therefore they have the honor to open the Metalinferno this year, ... more/mehr


Metalmania with Cradle Of Filth | Apocalyptica | Napalm Death | Pain | Dark Funeral | The Haunted | Amon Amarth | Katatonia | Arcturus | Turbo | ANJ | Dies Irae | Darzamat and others Katowice
What was it, that made us travel all the way to Katowice in Poland? Exactly! An indoor festival with a brilliant line up. The Metalmania Festival took place in a venue called „Spodek“. It was very hard to miss, since it looked rather like a UFO from „Men in Black“. I could tell you more about our adventurous trip to Katowice, but ... more/mehr


MetalOrgy goes Xmas VOL.2 – Turmion Kätilöt / Fear Of Domination / Diablerie / Erilaz Helsinki
Such a stormy evening provided some problems also for public transport, therefore I arrived with a slight delay but still enough time to catch some snapshots in the – bigger than usual – photo pit of Nosturi club.

Erilaz opened this EBM-meets-Metal event which had gathered quite a big crowd already- a less hyperactive ... more/mehr


Metaltown 2008 Göteborg
Gothenburg is surely one of the metal cities. This was proved once again during the last weekend of June during Metaltown Open Air, right in the middle of the city at Frihamnen (harbour). Apart from the kickass line-up with international and national acts, the visitors could pick from a wide variety of food, could visit the huge ... more/mehr


METALTOWN 2009 - Day 1 Göteborg
Since Metaltown turned out to be a pretty relaxed festival last year, it was a sure thing, that I´d jump on the plane to Gothenburg to attend this year's edition as well. With 15 000 metalheads it was completely sold out in 2008 and it reached this mark pretty fast again in 2009. No big surprise when having megasellers like Slipknot ... more/mehr



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