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METALTOWN 2009 - Day 2 Göteborg
Day 2 seemed to be all about Japanese bands, since there were three more or less similar ones on the main- and tentstage. Like on day 1 the weather was simply perfect, even a bit warmer, so it was quite strenuous in the afternoon, thanks to almost non-existing shadow. The few shady places were gone soon, so the security guys had ... more/mehr


Mother Russia: Ensiferum|Exsecratus St. Petersburg
Finally I found a reason to pay a visit to “Helsinki´s sister city” St. Petersburg: Ensiferum played there (actually also The 69 Eyes on the very same evening but in a different club), and even more familiar faces to meet with the openers Exsecratus, (soon a STALKER Fresh Act!). Well, I had to experience that St. Petersburg is much ... more/mehr


Motor Music Festival 2008 Rämsöö
A man, an accordion and a series of (farming) machines that make a lot of noise - that sounded so promising that I just had to go to Rämsöö (near Nokia/Tampere) to see the Motor Music Festival with the exceptional Finnish musician Kimmo Pohjonen. Just the trip there was more adventurous than expected. Ok there was a festival bus ... more/mehr


MyGrain funeral show
w/ Profane Omen, Magenta Harvest, Less than Three
A brilliant billing, but a sad occasion: After four album releases and 10+ years, Finnish Science Fiction Metallers MyGrain decided to quit (read the band´s official statement below). Therefore I – just like most of the audience – decided to party even harder and more cheerfully than usual, in order to give this band the awesome ... more/mehr


MyGrain Studiotagebuch / studio diary Helsinki
The Finnish Space Metallers are recording their fourth album at Sound Supreme Studio with producer Janne Saksa - and you can peep behind the scenes here! Perhaps the band even reveals some new recipes...

Day 1 - Monday 30th of July 2012
Hola everybody!
Today is The Day - the recordings of our fourth album ... more/mehr



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