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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!

Q-Box Black Orleans
„Black Orleans“ is the fourth album from Q-Box from Germany. Since 2001, Q-Box have plaeyed Pentenridian Heavy Metal. You don´t know what that is? You´ve never heard of the band before? Me neither. So, let´s see what they have to offer. Their music is a mix of all modern metal styles, making their music quite diverse. The listener ... more/mehr


Qntal VI Translucida
The goal of this German act is to transform medieval music into the sound of 2000. But if you now think of swordfights and castles, when men were still men and ships made of wood – well, that doesn´t quite get to the point. It´s rather that sort of medieval music from the courts or monasteries that has certain meditative and hypnotic ... more/mehr


Quickbourn Beyond Ground Zero
When I heard the first chord of "Beyond Ground Zero" the same feeling took over that I had already felt a few times when listening to solo albums of guitarists. Good guitar work, however, the rest of the used musical palette seems rather colorless on me. Both artists from Hamburg, Thomas Kirschler (music) and Christian Meyer-Pedersen ... more/mehr


Quiet Confidence Confessions
The Metalcore/Deathcore guys from Quiet Confidence hail from Koblenz, Germany. Formed at the start of 2011, they finally settled with their current crew, after many line-up changes, and recorded the EP “Confessions” in 2013. Five songs are now hammering against my ear canal. Almost everything a Metal Deathcore heart wants, it gets ... more/mehr


Quiet Riot Rehab
The Hardrock veterans from Quiet Riot offer after four year now again a studio album. “Rehab” contains twelve tracks which are more or less hard rocksongs. So “Blind Faith” has become quite soft, “South Of Heaven” reminds on enormously of the song “Dead Or Alive” by Bon Jovi and “Old Habits Die Hard” can measure itself with old Deep ... more/mehr



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