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Nachtschatten Prolog
„Prolog“ is the first album from Nachtschatten, a foursome from Karlsruhe, Germany. The guys recorded their album in the same studio, in Switzerland, in which bands like Destruction and GURD recorded their albums, too. Nachtschatten combines Melodic Death Metal with German lyrics and sometimes quite unexpected, unusual, folk-y sounds. ... more/mehr


Nadir Tenacity
Whereas in the West musically nothing new happens, the scene beyond the former Iron curtain zone seems to prosper. A good example are Nadir from Hungary. They mix skillfully Death-, Pagan- and Viking-elements with classic Metal. Add to it a certain amount of atmosphere and you get the East-European flavour. Perhaps that stuff doesn´t ... more/mehr


Nahemah A new constellation
When you put``A New Constellation`` into your CD player, the first impression isn´t that bad. Hard music, somewhere between Heavy Metal, Hardrock and Hardcore meets space-sound Synthies. Also the leads and tunes have charme, in the beginning. But then later you´re sobering up. The songs are exchangeable, just ike the riffs and ... more/mehr


Naildown World Domination
As soon as the former label stars Children Of Bodom went to a Major company, the ex-label offers their first clone Naildown. Well, that Finnish band isn´t bad, and also typical trademarks (keyboard-leads, fine guitar work, aggressive vocals) are included and technically well-presented, yet Naildown lack somehow – in comparison with ... more/mehr


Naildown Dreamcrusher
Listening to Naildown and the beginning of their second album´s title track ”Dreamcrusher” I was convinced to hear another Children Of Bodom clone. But then – clean vocals, a touch of Prog and Industrial Metal with a Pop-chorus on top, wow, this is indeed a catchy and appealing mixture! Vocalist Daniel Freyberg surprises with a wide ... more/mehr



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