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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Pack of Wolves A Nice Black Suite
Punk is also played in Austria but it´s rather of the emotional (oh, fuck) kind. And right away, after checking out the song titles, tears spring to my eyes……„You Like Dreams, We Love Nightmares“- d´uh! „The More We Sink The Less We Care Why“ d´uh, d´uh!! Is this Fall Out Boy or what?? The music arranged around those lyrics is, however, ... more/mehr


Paganizer Carnage Junkie
Finally there is some new stuff from PAGANIZER, from experience a high-class death metal combo that still raises the roof with “Carnage Junkie”. From the beginning on you can hear that the strong, brutal riffs are the highlight of the album, on the other side there’s one important point of criticism: the band tries a little too hard ... more/mehr


Pain Dancing With The Dead
I really don’t know, but this dance of the dead hardly gets into groove even after a few rotations in the stereo. For sure, as far as the production and the song writing are concerned, there’s hardly anything to reproach Peter Tätgren, infamous Swedish workaholic and master of dark circles under the eyes. But “Dance of the Dead” ... more/mehr


Pain Psalms Of Extinction
Right away with the opener „Save Your Prayers“ Pain-Mastermind Peter Tägtgren gives it all. „Psalms Of Extinction“ is a little trip through all previous Pain CDs, only with new songs. Therefore „Nailed To The Ground“ is a typical Pain song, but „Zombie Slam“ rather sinister and Peter´s voice sounds a bit Gothic. The drummer, by the ... more/mehr


Pain Confessor Incarcerated
Haste makes waste – which could be the motto for this CD as well as for its review. Pain Confessor from Finnish Hämeenlinna are back after a 4-year-hiatus, with a powerful album that almost failed to capture our attention... And this would have been an unforgivable mistake because Incarcerated is a great album that naturally made ... more/mehr



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