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Xandria India
As I put the CD in the tray, I am hit with a powerful double bass and somewhat confused I grab the CD case and look at the cover: Yes, Xandria... The title track "India" is very reminiscent of Nightwish and it demonstrates that these five guys from Bielefeld are treading new ground with this album. Where the previous album ... more/mehr


Xandria Salomé-The Seventh Veil
Xandria, the German Rock Metal band, is back with a new album. The CD has an oriental name „Salomé the seventh veil“ and seduces in the style of 1001 night tales, with a theatrical keyboard sound and a deeper, more voluminous voice of singer Lisa. Unfortunately there is not so much new to discover, definitely a good album for Xandria ... more/mehr


Xandria Neverworld´s End
Every restart is difficult, especially if one has to replace Lisa Middelhauve. After a break for several years, the Germans Xandria are back with their new singer Manuela Kraller.

Musically “Neverworld´s End“ can outshine the previous records. Mastermind Marco Heubaum presents a really consistent but also bombastic album ... more/mehr


Xavier Caféine Giséle
How could you describe the style of the young French Canadian? His label calls his music “a dynamic mixture of rock, punk and Electropop” . You can agree to this paraphrase and complement the attribute ´refreshing´. X. Caféine offers a catchy and brisk potpourri of the mentioned styles. On ´Gisele´, his fourth Longplayer, the artist ... more/mehr


Xaxaxa Siromasni i Bogati
Xaxaxa – strange Name, but likeable Punkrock reminding from time to time of Queens of the stone Age, sometimes of Mando Diao and even Ultima Thule. The music is going straight to your head, but never intrusive and almost danceable. In their native country Macedonia they are certainly more than an underground band. Oh! Here I can ... more/mehr



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