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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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V. A. - Punk - Chartbusters 5 Punk Chartbusters 5
Who’s saying that Oldies and Chartbreaker have to be shit?

On the sampler available national and international bands like a. o. NOFX, Jackass, Revolvers, Sondaschule, The Spook, the Toten Hosen, Snuff, Terrorgruppe, American Heartbreak and Schrottgrenze prove that things can be going different. The Punk- and Skaversions ... more/mehr


V. A. - Punx Unite Leaders of Today
If it says Punk, it is Punk. For this case it's pure punk. Jake from the Casualties is giving a chance to bands, who are all compromise less and far away from the mainstream. So here are some talents to discover. Street credibility is the most important value for these bands and that's what they are casted for. The sound quality ... more/mehr


V. A. - Heavy Metal Nation Heavy Metal Nation
The label Quam Libet Records took a good idea and realised it. What's going on in the heavy metal scene in Switserland at the moment? The answer is given in summarised form on the compilation"Heavy Metal Nation". 18 (as of yet) internationally unknown newcomer and underground bands from Switserland with interesting names like Tempesta, ... more/mehr


V. A. - Antidote Tour Compilation 2005 Antidote Tour Compilation 2005
Known and less known Punkrock bands gather on the „Antidote Tour Compilation 2005“. And this is nothing for relaxing at home on the sofa with a cup of tea. That music is for the open air and for party. Yet I have to admit that there are only a few highlights on the CD. A lot sounds similar. ... more/mehr


V. A. - Atticus Dragging The Lake 3
Atticus is the band of clothing of Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge of Blink 182. And while some of you are now undoubtedly have impending doom in mind, in a time when punk rockers own their own clothing label, others adjust to it and listen to „Dragging The Lake 3“. And it's worth it. A lot of names that are quite well-known if you like ... more/mehr



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