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Y&T Facemelter
These American guys are truly dinosaurs of melodic rock because Y&T were formed already back in 1970. Bands like Mötley Crüe and Metallica played as their support in the 80s. Nowadays you don´t hear so much from them anymore, especially here in Europe. After a temporary breakup in the 90s and the subsequent comeback, not with the ... more/mehr


Yargos To be or Not to be
Mastermind musician and composer “Wielo” back in Yargos. Yargos has begun in 1973 with “Wielo” Hofmeister ( G. Key ) and different line ups. But they never gathered in a studio, however they had tour through Germany. Yargos was Wielo´s one of musical dreams. Finally today, he could make Yargos first album with great musicians, such ... more/mehr


Übergas Wir sind ready to fight
Neither the bandname nor the cover artwork would have awakened my interest if I had found this CD in a record store. Now, after I have listened to it I have to say: Nothing has changed this fact! "Wir Sind Ready To Fight" [We are Ready to Fight] offers exactly what the album title already suggests: Loud, annoying... Punk?!? And all ... more/mehr


Year Gone Secrets for sale
Secrets For Sale is the debut album from the Finnish Rock´n´Roll band Year Gone. But they are not exactly newcomers to the scene, already in 2011, the played in front of 100,000 people during the world championship party of the Finnish ice hockey team. It was their tenth gig.

Formed in 2007, the four friends put all their ... more/mehr


Yellow Cap Like It or Not
In the mid 80s the Third Wave of Ska expanded, To actual Ska a mix of all kinds of Reggae, even HipHop and Synthiepop were added. Here Yellow Cap came in, existing since 1998. It took the band quite some time until none other than Doctor Ring-Ding aka Richard Alexander Jung noticed them. He is a German Ska-, Reggae- and Dancehall-artist, ... more/mehr



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