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I Farm IV
The unusual band-name should be a warning in advance... this CD cannot be recommended to people who already suffer from hyperactivity. Snotty Kiss-my-butt-attitude, Metal spiced with Punk-Prog, a musical buffet a la Faith No More (a little bit of everything). Or let´s try to explain like this: The guys from New York sound like ... more/mehr


I Nation Sounds from the sea
Australian nomadic elctro/goth rockers I Nation release their first LP successfully fusing melodic vocals with heavy intense metal. More than just incomprehensible screeching, I Nation hooks the listener with smooth curious openings and actually enjoyable vocals before laying down the metal mayhem. A strong point of the album comes ... more/mehr


I Walk The Line Badlands
I admit that I had to look it up several times where the band comes from. From Finland you expect a lot but Punk with Rock´n´Roll tendencies. This is how you could describe the music that I Walk The Line play.

The band consists of Jani from Manifesto Jukebox, Ville from Wasted and three guys more who deliver a quite good ... more/mehr


Ian O’Brien-Docker Sometimes I Wish I Had A Terrible Childhood So That At Least I’d Have An Excuse
This album with the horrible title – imagine you’d like to ask a salesperson for this CD – is the debut album of Ian O’Brien-Docker. This young guy play four instruments and in his music there are, according to the information sheet, influences of Lenny Kravitz (quite obvious), Beck (also audible) and Kraftwerk (well…). That’s the ... more/mehr


IconClan Rock N` Roll Rodeo
Already since 1999 the Finnish guys of IconClan are touring through Europe and are celebrating every evening their famous Rock `n Roll in the venues. With this in mind, the new album of the sympathic trio is no surprise: a party compatible mixture of Rock `n Roll, Pun and Hardrock comes along with texts, which are very easy to sing ... more/mehr



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