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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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Ga*Ga*s, The Tonight The Midway Shines
Very refreshing; these kind of records are always a nice surprise. Nice, earthy rock music with some slightly alternative elements, stirring and devoted with songs that are mostly very decent. Good work. Nothing more I can say about it. ... more/mehr


Galar Til Alle Heimsens Endar
To unite black metal with both folk metal as well as orchestral arrangements does sound a little odd at first. Nevertheless, some bands have tried this experiment before. Norwegian Galar, who formed in 2004, are one of them. However, with many of those ´adventurous´ bands, the listening experience is rather mixed. But that´s not ... more/mehr


Galar De Gjenlevende
A band from Norway – guess which genre... RIGHT. Yet the duo M. Kristiansen – scream vocals, guitar, bass, and A.B. Lauritzen – clean vocals, bassoon, grand piano, plus drummer Phobos, “borrowed” from Aeternus have dedicated themselves to symphonic / epic/ extreme Folk/Black Metal, and caught STALKER´s attention in a very positive ... more/mehr


Galaxy Safari Time for you to leave
It seems to be the year of the Swedes. Unbelievable, what especially Swedish bands have already released this year. Awesome albums through and through and Galaxy Safari´s Time For You To Leave is now part of that collection, too.

The band hailing from Nykpöping published their debut album, Star Of The Masquerade, in January ... more/mehr


Gallhammer The End
On their new album, GALLHAMMER stand solidly in the tradition of metallic 80s bands like HELLHAMMER and AMEBIX. The ladies are strongly rooted in the metal genre, thus you can hear some DARKTHRONE influences throughout all of their songs. The 80s roots come through most clearly with the song structure that definitely reminds of the ... more/mehr



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