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Here you find all reviews of the last months over to root and to discover. Have fun!
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C.T.P. The Higher They Climb
Maybe you have already heard about Christan Tolle? The man has many talents: he has played with many bands, acted as a studio musician, he has been a music journalist for a professional magazine and a German public-broadcasting institution, he has his own label CTM (christonesmusic) and, also his very own project, the Christian Tolle ... more/mehr


Caddieshack Medication In Stereo
Caddieshack is a punk/emo-rock band from Flensburg, Germany, and they have a new album for the market. The genre of the music is a nice blend of punk/emo-rock with Metal elements within it, and the album as a whole has its defects as well as positive aspects.

At times the album produces some original sounds, but unfortunately ... more/mehr


Cain´s Offering Stormcrow
Formed in 2009 by former Sonata Arctica guitar player, Jani Liimatainen, Cain´s Offering are back, after six years, with their second album. The vocals are still done by none other than Stratovarius frontman, Timo Kotipelto and it´s an amazing piece of music: Songs somewhere between Power Metal and Hard Rock range from powerful tunes ... more/mehr


Caleya These Waves Will Carry Us Home
After the „Maelstrom“ EP in 2008, „These Waves Will Carry Us Home“ is finally the full length album of Caleya, a Post-Core/Experimental band hailing from Hamburg.

The first impression you get is an impressive wall of sound with lots of almost brute eruptions, that despite this doesn´t lack atmosphere. One band, that immediately ... more/mehr


Caleya Trümmermensch
Extremly productive those guys from Caleya! Their debut „These Waves Will Carry Us Home“ has just been released last year and has been welcomed with open arms by fans and press alike,followed by a split album with The Hirsch Effekt and now they already produced the next record called „Trümmermensch“.
Luckily the quality didn´t ... more/mehr



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