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JANVS was born in 2003 in Italy as a solo project of Vinctor and remained as such for the 2004 debut album “Nigredo”. In 2005 Bass player Malphas and F. La Rosa (drums) joined JANVS, Vinctor kept handling guitars and vocals. The new album offers a Black Metal style that rather reminds of Vintersorg or old Ulver than e.g. Cradle Of ... more/mehr


Janvs Vega
Although they five a rough introduction, it is not Speed Metal what you get here. A bit maybe, but if a category is necessary, the Progressive Melodic Metal label might be the most suitable. Plus a bit Power Metal. Plus some Hard Rock. The variety of this band makes it difficult to define the style, and basically this is a quite ... more/mehr


Japanische Kampfhörspiele Rauchen und Yoga
Now this is fun! German band Japanische Kampfhörspiele plays a crazy mix of grind core and hardcore without taking themselves too seriously. If this music would be a movie we would all have epilepsy before the new album, ”Rauchen und Yoga”, was over. These guys definitely write and play music first and foremost for their own enjoyment ... more/mehr


Jarkko Ahola Ave Maria Joulun Klassikot
The connection between Jarkko Ahola and Christmas songs should be obvious since Raskasta Joulua (a compilation of Christmas songs, reinterpreted by Finnish rock stars) at the latest, but this time the strong-voiced Finn makes a Christmas record on his own. “Ave Maria-Joulun Klassikot” has nothing to do with the Rock/Metal versions ... more/mehr


Jarkko Ahola Suojelusenkeli - Joulun klassikot 2
Jarkko Ahola’s second Christmas album is yet another proof of the man’s excellent talent. He’s got a beautiful tenor voice and the skills to sing almost anything from the soft, hushed parts of Suojelusenkeli (Guardian Angel) to the more operatic vocals of, for example, Con te Partiro. I guess his reputation as the vocalist of Teräsbetoni ... more/mehr



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