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John 5 Requiem
An extract from the artistīs biography: "John 5 doesn't just play the guitar. His guitar is an extension of his soul and through it his music has become the Frankenstein birth penetrating the ear drums of fans and admirers worldwide. For John 5 the music is not just about playing, but living, breathing, feeling and passion."

He ... more/mehr


John McBain The In-Flight Feature
Here someone has discovered time travel, or he simply does music in a style that was common perhaps about 35 years ago. Ex-Monster Magnet- und Wellwater Conspiracy-Gitarrist John McBrain itīs rather the latter. Well, I donīt want to make fun of that, but itīs quite unusual nowadays to make such psychedelic/progressive music. McBainīs ... more/mehr


Johnnie Rook Rabatz
Is there any further information needed, after you got the Bandīs name and the Album-Title? Or is somebody in need of the explanation that this is Punk Rock. Well, after a dozen of listening sessions I have to agree, that this record is really well made.

The red thread through all those facets of music is the impression ... more/mehr


Jon Olivaīs Pain Festival
Who has heard of the no longer existing band "Savatage" will need no further introduction to Jon Oliva - and who has never heard of either, should find out ASAP what was missed here and check out both - especially if you are into solid Power-Prog Metal with heartwarming melodies, bombastic riffs and extremely catchy tunes. This ... more/mehr


Jorn Spirit Black
In June 2008 the album „Lonely are the Brave“ was released, followed by a European Tour, and still Lande and his guys found time to produce new songs, releasing only a year afterwards another great CD. Those 9 tracks, including a cover, are perhaps a bit short in playing time, but they make up for it in quality. Those songs touch ... more/mehr



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