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1.4. Special: 02002 espoo
April Fools Day! A CD, way too good to be for real... but perhaps this is still fun to read, even after April 1, 2009...
Iīm not really a Black Metal fan, and all those 1-man-projects are somewhat suspicious. But this here is indeed something that makes me almost wet my pants with excitement. If the rest of this 17 h ... more/mehr


13 Days in Grief Behind the Curtain Of A Modern Tomorrow
Finally another metalcore band! Always the same mixture of thrashy riffs, a bit of hardcore and monotonous screaming. Or is this band different?! To be honest, these four musicians definitely provide some variation in the currently bland scene. Especially the singer Jörg Ahrens stands out head and shoulders above the competition, ... more/mehr


1349 Hellfire Duration
Who would ever expect that? The former warriors of darkness turned into rather modern musicians. There are Crossover-Riffs and samples and melodious vocals... no, just kidding. Of course 1349 do what they have always been doing and most probably will contunue like that: Old School Black Metal. Whatever the trend, it wonīt influence ... more/mehr


16Volt Beating Dead Horses
Admittedly Industrial Metal is not quite my first-genre-of-choice, but occasionally I enjoy Electro sounds, especially when those are combined with tough Metal riffs. And also have such ear candy quality, just like this third longplayer of US machine rockers 16Volt (mixed by Shaun Thingvold - Strapping Young Lad, Front Line Assembly, ... more/mehr


3 Inches Of Blood Fire Up The Blades
Since 8 years 3 Inches Of Blood have been fighting in the Metal scene. After some success and touring as support act in recent years their new output "Fire up the Blades" had been waited for with bated breath. And right away: 3 Inches can meet the expectations. The sound in particular, created by Slipknot-drummer Joey Jordison, is ... more/mehr



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