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Jaded Heart Common Destiny
Despite of their 20 year band history, I have to admit that I first heard about them four years ago, when they where touring with The Poodles. Back then the Line-up changes, which the band has been through in their career, had been a thing of the past. Singer Johan Fahlberg could already convince me live, that’s why I am even more ... more/mehr


Jaded Heart Fight The System
„Fight the System“, the 12th studio album from Jaded Heart, who have already been around for 22 years, just exploded in my ears. All 11 songs on the album are very well done with a lot of great guitar riffs and solos and driving drums. The most important thing, however, they are all perfectly played, like we would expect it. The ... more/mehr


Jag Panzer The Scourge of Light
Have seven years really already passed since the last release of Jag Panzer? The guys around vocalist Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin and guitar player Mark Briody this time took all the time they needed to record a worthy follow up record. And, what shall I say? “The Scourge of Light” was really worth all the waiting. It contains everything ... more/mehr


James LaBrie Elements Of Persuasion
James LaBrie's regular band Dream Theater belongs to one of the most experienced in the genre. Fans thatgot lost in the complex build up of the songs and the endless self-portrayal of the instrumentalists, may not have noticed the quality of the vocals. On his solo album the Canadian spares us the extreme fidgeting of his colleagues ... more/mehr


James LaBrie Static Impulse
In the last years Dream Theater were omnipresent, especially concerning releases. Therefore, another new solo album by James LaBrie!? Sounds a bit boring... but still, I put the CD in the stereo, press play and then… What is that? Is this really the new CD of James LaBrie? This is really heavy, with lots of Double Bass and GROWLS! ... more/mehr



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