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U.D.O. Mastercutor
When U.D.O. is on the cover, you surely get Heavy Metal! The former Accept-singer presents a surprisingly modern new output "Mastercutor" which is absolutely convincing. Especially the single "The Wrong Side Of Midnight" offers oriental flair, as well as the Industrial track "Master Of Disaster" that reminds a bit of Rammstein.

Otherwise ... more/mehr


U.D.O. Infected
Udo Dirkschneider and his fellows from U.D.O. show with their „Infected“-EP that there ain´t no silence at all and there are still enough topics for a Heavy Metal-Band in 2009 to write lyrics about. As usual they show their Heavy-Roots, the first two songs are critical and honest and you may think about the meaning, which is a contrast ... more/mehr


U.D.O. Dominator
Does anybody remember when U.D.O. did their last bad album? I think it is a long time ago and this time is now even extended by one more album. ``Dominator`` has become the hell of a metal record!

The strength of U.D.O. is actually writing strong, midtempo headbangers. So they do have again some big guns here: `Dominator`, ... more/mehr


U.D.O. Rev-Raptor
After the great last album Dominator, I was really looking forward to the release of this new one by U.D.D. But already after the first spin, all my happiness was gone: U.D.O. never reach the brilliance of Rev-Raptor`s predecessor.

The CD starts with three very typical, uptempo U.D.O. songs: Neither the title track, nor ... more/mehr


U.D.O. Steelhammer
While Rev-Raptor was more or less a cheap copy of the brilliant Dominator record, Steelhammer is again much stronger and features all trademarks that U.D.O. are known for. In addition, it also has a few surprises in store for the unsuspecting listeners.

The songs in detail: The title track is a U.D.O. signature track: fast ... more/mehr



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